Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Turning the Page; Chapter Two

I'm back!  And what a whirlwind the ride has been!  I woke up ready and armed for my first of many annual mammograms to come, prepared to do what's best preventively for my health.  I had no idea what was awaiting on the other side of the Monster Mash (my nickname for the Mammography machine).

Well, three clinical breast exams, a DNA test, thousands of hours of research, a dozen anonymous web-friends later, and more scientific knowledge than my K-Bachelors degree education provided me and I finally feel like I'm at the next chapter.  Let's call it: Surveillance:  The next stage in my fight to prevent Breast Cancer.

I met with Heather the NP today and all's clear.  I have some seriously dense (and a bit sore) tissue near on the outer parts of my breasts (let's say the 3 and 9 o clock) but it's nothing to be concerned about.  I'll have my first MRI next month as scheduled and hopefully next time I'm back in my NP's office it'll be October and I'll be thinner (Goal:  12 lbs before summer).

Thanks for riding the ride with me.  Hopefully it's smoother on out from here.