Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update: Race for the Cure, Walk for the Fundraiser

At Eatser dinner I told my dad that I was walking in the Race for the Cure and he asked if he could join me.  This meant so much to me.  Our family history of breast cancer is on his side, and his mother was a very proud survivor in an era when reconstruction was never an option, mastectomies could be compared to torture and men dominated the medical field.  However, it meant the most because it is the most personal thing my father and I have ever done together.  His eagerness to participate and be involved was really touching.

So the weekend comes.  I only raised $210.00, but it's about $160.00 more to stay here in Detroit than without me (75% of Race for the Cure proceeds stay in the city of the walk for local treatment and surveillance help).  I wanted to make Friday and early night, since I had to be up so early Saturday so the roommate and I went out for Happy Hour.  Can you imagine my surprise when I turn the corner and my sister from Florida is sitting there?!?!  She wanted to be a part of the event and together the three of us conquered the 5K (although walking in Detroit with 40,000 other participants, we likely walked at least 5 miles!).

Surveillance and high risk is not a blessing, but I still could not ask for more!