Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to explain your scars

Approximately every other month, every two months, someone posts on FORCE about how to explain all of this when you're dating.  When do you tell, I think is the biggest question for everyone who is single and high risk.  I think surgery or no surgery, anyone with scars faces the question even more.

So when do you tell?

My breasts have always been a large part of my identity, my transformation to womanhood, how I see myself.  Therefore, to me, my biopsy scar is extremely noticeable.  Granted, it's tiny in size, but in typical form, is raised, and definitely noticeable.  So do you say something in advance of the observation or wait and cross your fingers?  I dont' know.  How do you explain it when you do choose to?  What do you say?

And I don't even have to answer that yet LOL.  But I do know my biopsy has changed my social slash dating life.  How much would it change if I were BRCA positive and had more than a biopsy?  How different would my choices be if I hadn't had an biopsy or gone through all of this.  I guess we'll never know.