Thursday, August 9, 2012

Call me, maybe!?!

It's been 66 hours since I had my annual Mammogram/MRI.  This is what the inside of my brain sounds like:

Why haven't they called me?  Is something wrong?  Why does the hospital run so many commercials during the Olympics?  Is it to keep reminding me that they haven't called?  Is not calling yet good news or bad news?  Google "Mammogram Photos."  Should I call them?  Again, with the damn commercials.  Maybe I should read the Message Boards on FORCE.  No, that'll just remind they haven't called.  Maybe no call is good news, if it was bad news they would want to talk to me right away, right?  Why haven't you called me yet?  Google "Breast MRI Photos."  Nope, no missed calls.  Okay, think about something other than boobs.  God, my bra is really annoying me right now. Ah!  Bras and boobs!  Okay, phone's ringing.  Not them.  Why haven't they called me?  Read the news, yeah the news.  Damnit!  Another Beaumont ad!  Stop advertising and just call me!


  1. Hey, are there any updates??? We do love to hear from you... You're a very brave heroine.
    I know a person who had breast surgery when she was 14 and now she's struggling with breast cancer. That's why I'm joining a local breast health campaign called breast cancer awareness gear to raise people's awareness.

  2. Finally received an all-clear letter on Tuesday - wildly unusual length of time!