Friday, August 27, 2010

You already have my boobs; now you want my beer?

So how far do we go to "be healthy?"  How far should we go?  Ideally, I should lose 22 lbs, not eat processed red meats, have 5 servings of veggies daily, exercise for 30 minutes a day, SBE monthly, get medically checked quarterly, quit smoking, and *insertjawdrop* quit drinking!  How do you expect me to process the news that I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting breast cancer and NOT drink.  I think even my barely-drinking sister would want some wine after that bomb.

According to research, women who drink are at a greater disposition for invasive ductal carcinoma, a major form of breast cancer (grazi David J Hanson).  If you're a red wine drinker for your heart - your heart will rock, but your knockers won't.  Some speculate that even a half glass of wine daily can increase your chances.  However, it does not increase your risk for many other types of breast cancer.  What's a drinking gal to do?

So, you can have my boobs, and my fat rolls, and my Whopper Jr. (no onions, please), you can even have me 4 times a year, and poke and prod and squeeze and push and look at my girls.  But no you cannot have my Sam Adams, or my Miller Time.  You cannot take away the joy a dirty martini brings at the end of a stressful week, or how great wine goes with dinner.  You will not make me realize I'm a bad dancer, you cannot have my liquid spirit.  You can have my boobs, but you cannot have my buzz.

With that said, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.  Salute!

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