Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling like an A!

I feel good today.  I went straight to the source and found out that my health insurance provider will cover 80% of the genetic testing!  Which means only a $640 expense to me, only!  Something about having this concrete information has helped me settle down a bit and I can honestly say I forgot about this 33% weight on my chest.  Okay so I haven't forgotten but I am not thinking about it as much.

I do think about it whenever I see someone with fake boobs though.  Is that what mine would look like?  Would people notice them and assume I just wanted fake big boobs (as opposed to my real big boobs)?  Why do I care?  Do you keep the nipple?  Are they BRCA carriers?

But today I feel good.  I'm coming more to terms with other people not getting it too.  I am handling this journey the way I handle things and in the end I know whatever decision I make will be based on research, thought, and what's best for me.  I will not make any rash decisions in vain based upon a yes or no moment at a geneticist.  I feel good today.

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