Sunday, September 12, 2010

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Today I SBE'd, shorthand for Self Breast Exam.  This is my first SBE post my NP appointment so I wanted to do a little bit of research on what to look for.  Basically, you're looking for:

  • Any new lump (which may or may not be painful or tender)
  • Unusual thickening of your breasts
  • Sticky or bloody discharge from your nipples
  • Any changes in the skin of your nipples or breasts, such as puckering or dimpling
  • An unusual increase in the size of one breast
  • One breast unusually lower than the other
Sounds simple right?  It's not.  While a mammogram can detect a lump as small as 0.2 cm, the lumps you'll find while SBE can range from 2-3.5 cm! 

Plus, now I'm curious and loaded with questions for when I see my NP next (10 months!).  I want to know what a lump feels like, how it will differ from the already present "dense-ness" of my breasts, how do you tell the difference?

Here's your how to guide:

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