Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do you ever have the feeling you're being followed?

I swear, between having blood drawn for the BRACAnalysis and waiting for the results, genetic testing has been following me.

A girlfriend is having it done to confirm paternity of her child.

A woman at work was tested for the BRCA after she had a pre-50 BC diagnosis.

Meredith Gray is being tested for the Alzheimer's Gene.

And it's October, so pink is everywhere.  I can't turn a corner, go into a store, read the news, or even go into a damned bar without seeing pink.  I suddenly understand pinkwashing.  But I'm not self-important enough to call October bad for my own sake.  Awareness is important, and breast cancer does not discriminate.  It hates all women equally, some of us are just more vulnerable victims.

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