Saturday, October 23, 2010

When dreams come true, it's not always a fairytale

A couple of weeks ago (just before my last 2 posts) I dreamt that I received a bill in the mail for my BRACAnaylysis before my Genetic Counselor and I met to follow up on my results.  In my dream, I received only a bill for the BRACAnalysis and not for the BRACAnalysis Rearrangement Test (BART).  Because BART is only performed when the BRACAnalysis is negative, I knew my results were a positive for 1 or 2. 

Well, today I received 2 bills from Myriad and haven't heard from my GC.  Fantastic!  I assumed.  Two bills, two tests.  Until I read them and realized the totals aren't what I discussed.  So with some further research (damn Type A personality) I learned that in April of this year the price for the Comprehensive BRACAnalysis was raised to $4,040.00.  Well, after totalling my bill it comes to $4,040.00 even.

And of course its Saturday, so if there is a BART bill coming in the mail, I won't see it for at least 48 hours.  Karma plays for the other team today.

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