Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I get to keep my boobs!

Today was the big day, aka Genetic Test Results day and there is No Mutation Detected!

That's some girlfriends and I jumping because we're silly -
we can say for this blogs purpose we're jumping for joy!

 Anywho, so because my Aunt has yet to test for the mutation, I'm technically an uninformed negative.  Because of the family history, until my Aunt tests also for the BRCA mutations we don't know what the cause of the family cancer is.  If my Aunt tests negative, there is a likelihood, there is something undiscovered that created the pattern.  If she tests positive, there is a mutation and I am just not a carrier.

So the good news here is that my risk has dropped!  I was a 32.92% risk pre-testing (that calculated my risk for having a mutation and my other risk factors).  Now I am about a 24-25% risk (it'd be 23-24% if I didn't have big, full boobies).  So I no longer have a 1 in 3 chance, now it's only 1 in 5 (yes, if you are normal it's 1 in 8).

What this means for me is all state of mind really.  I still need an MRI in December, and an annual Mammo, and I'm still enrolled in the high risk program.  I'm not out of other treatment option woods yet either - but unless things change, I can keep my boobs:).  If you have never met me, you won't have any idea the amount of relief this gives me.  I really wanted to keep em all along!

Its funny, I really thought finding no mutation would be anti-climatic.  You know, the buildup of stress and tension and anxiety and then nothing really changes.  But the sense of relief today is so high!  I'll save the anxiety for my MRI in December:).

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  1. oh wow. great news!!! congrats! live it up. it's amazing what life is like once the stress and tension lifts. take it allll in!