Thursday, January 20, 2011

Benign: My New Favorite Word

Heather called me today at 9:15am (she really needs to stop calling at the same time she called with bad news, it scares me).  She left a message this time though saying she had good news:  woohoo!  After a bit of phone tag, she explained that my preliminary results all say the tissue was benign.  Because this is just the prelim report, we have to wait for Radiology to confirm they tested the right tissue, and determine whether or not I will require some type of follow-up.

She will share more with me later, however, I know the tissue was hylanized fibrosis adenosis tissue.  It was not DCIS or invasive!  More woohooing here!  However, I have no idea what I just said really either:).

Here is what I have figured out:
Hylanized:  gassy homogeneous material within a cell
Fibrosis:  abnormal tissue as a result of inflammation
Adenosis:  abnormal development of glandular tissue

Now, lets see how well Google passes when I find out what the heck is really going on.  Tonight in celebration, I will attempt to sleep on my sides, bruises permitting of course.

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