Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breast Cancer 3 Day

I have raised money for The 3 Day twice, the Race for the Cure once and have never been able to walk for one reason or another.  Therefore, I am super excited to announce that I will be flying down to Tampa Halloween weekend to walk with my sister. 

While Breast Cancer has always been close to our hearts (get it?!  LOL), this year it has been us in the doctors chair.  While unlike our grandmothers, we've been lucky thus far, it just seems right to go for it in 2011 and even better to do it with my sister and best friend.

But we can't register until we find a team name.  I know some people think it trivializes the cancer, and I empathize with any survivor who feels that way, but I disagree.  There is nothing trivial about raising $2,300, flying states away, sleeping in tents and walking 60 miles, after a year of clinical exams, mammograms, and MRI's to help hopefully keep us from walking in the shoes of our predecessor. 

So help!  Boob puns are encouraged!  Here is what we have so far:

Gaga for Tata's
Underwire Previvors
Grammies Mammies
Baby Got Racks
Genetically Twisted
Rack Stars

I was hoping to come up with a pun on SBE but can't!  Darnit!
(I did poach a couple from other cities team names, guilty as charged!)


  1. Awesome! I like Rack Stars although I would personally do something like f*ck cancer. I bet that's not very original:) My sis is doing a 2 day in CO and I wish I could join her to support her with her pbm but going to try and hold a fundraiser for her instead.

  2. Thanks, we had a last minute contendor that won: The Motorboaters! I'll keep ya posted when we register and have a fundraising page!