Thursday, January 13, 2011

MRI Day . . . Glad they're not testing my nerves!

In a couple of short hours, I will be lying face down, girls hanging, in a loud banging tube.  There will be a tinted IV in my arm, highlighting my blood stream and more pictures of my beasts will be taken.  If breast cancer previvors, patients, and survivors were paid per picture, we'd make Jenna Jameson look poor!

And today I'm really nervous!  I can't come up with a code name for this test;  that's how I know I'm really nervous- I can't even make fun of it.  I call my mammo's the Monster Mash, my clinicals Tuning in to Tokyo, but can't find anything witty for this one. 

Deep down I know I'm fine.  I SBE every month, my mammo came back clear, my clinical exam last month was all clear.  But at the same time, if on the off chance something wasn't fine, if there was a tiny spot of trouble, this would be the exam that would most likely find it.  I keep telling myself, I'll be fine, but if I was really fine, I wouldn't be doing this at 30 right?

PS - my dear friend with Cervical Cancer has her surgery to remove the cancer, and some of her cervix tomorrow morning.  I ask of you to do whatever spiritually moves you to ask for health, healing, and fertility for her.  Thanks xoxox

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  1. There is a test for your nerves, it's called blood pressure:) And mine was high last week. I have my mri next weekend and it's stressing me out. Good luck to you and prayers for your friend.